Is Your Office Sending the Right Message?

You may be proud of that salesmanship award you won several years ago – the one displayed on your office wall. You may stop to admire it now and then. Or perhaps the plaque has blended into the woodwork and you haven’t really noticed it for quite a while. 

However you view it, that plaque may be sending an uncomplimentary message to clients and prospects. Perhaps it communicates that you may value sales over service. Or the fact that the award is several years old may suggest that you are no longer at the top of your game.

It may pay to employ a fresh pair of eyes to look carefully at your office for items that may detract from the image you want to promote. Business consultant and fashion industry veteran Teresa Riccobuono compiled a list of items to watch for in an article published in Advisor Perspectives, a newsletter for financial professionals. Some of those items include:

  • Dirty or bent window blinds
  • Numerous post-it notes suggesting a lack of organization
  • Too many knickknacks
  • Outdated magazines
  • A television tuned to market update news
  • Pens with another company’s logo

The article, “A Checklist to Make Your Office Stand Out,”* also includes suggestions to improve the way your office looks to visitors, including:

  • A prominent logo
  • A client-facing clock
  • A digital photo frame (displaying client events)
  • Sturdy chairs with a high seats suitable for older clients
  • An attractive desk lamp

Perhaps you have an interior designer in your client base. If not, you might want to enlist the help of a friend that you admire for decorative skills. Who knows? Fresher surroundings may help your frame of mind as well as impress visitors. 

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