Resource Spotlight: AdvisoryWorld

In this article written for the Advisor Advocate, AdvisoryWorld discusses how registered investment advisors may benefit by using dedicated proposal generation technology.

Today’s investor is accustomed to customized and targeted marketing. Your prospects and clients are inundated with targeted ads based off their locations, past purchases, search history and “follows” on social media. Now they may expect similar communications from you. Because of this change in expectations, you may benefit from investment proposal software allowing you to customize prospect interactions to target each individual while satisfying compliance requirements.

Generating Custom and Targeted Proposals

Here are areas where RIA financial software might help you analyze investor risk and portfolio performance characteristics, design and implement investment strategies and generate client proposals:

  • The Risk Profile. Gathering data on risk from your prospects can allow you to establish and ultimately illustrate a lasting risk profile for your proposal and future client interactions. A risk assessment process can specify quantitatively how much risk the investor is willing to take in loss of principal for any 12-month period. The process should also permit you and your client to modify the score to adjust for a willingness to accept more risk in order to achieve a more important goal.
  • Financial Objectives. You should be able to establish financial objectives and incorporate those objectives into your final proposal product.
  • Current Investment Analysis. You’ll want to easily import a prospect’s current positions from third-party platforms to help you efficiently review the risk/return metrics of these positions.
  • Recommended Allocation of Assets. You might be able to benefit from software with pre-defined model allocations that suggests optimal asset allocations for your clients and prospects based upon their calculated risk tolerance.
  • Recommended and Current Portfolio Side-by-Side Analysis. You might want to compare diversification metrics, such as industry exposure and style analysis, and contrasts trailing returns and modern portfolio theory statistics for the recommended allocation vs. the individual’s current portfolio in graphical and tabular form.
  • Customized Proposal. Ultimately, you might want to generate a customized proposal and/or investment policy statement. That could also include a page where advisors can include information on their background and their firm and a description of their approach to financial advisement.

About AdvisoryWorld

AdvisoryWorld provides investment analytics, portfolio modeling, and proposal generation technology for the financial services industry and offers software that incorporates each of the features and applications described above. Their technology tools are fully customizable and are delivered via off-the-shelf web applications, API, and professional services. Founded in 1987, AdvisoryWorld is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and currently services over 30,000 investment professionals nationwide. For more information, please visit*

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To learn more about how AdvisoryWorld technology might benefit your business, you are invited to register* for AdvisoryWorld’s webinar “AdvioryWorld – Implementing a Streamlined Proposal” on Wednesday, October 26 at 4 p.m. ET.

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