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What happens when the Department of Labor fiduciary rule dust settles? In this article, financial software technology firm Grendel discusses how advisors might prepare for a new regulatory environment. 

There has been much ado about the impending Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule. It’s the hot topic at conferences and has been widely discussed in industry publications. Despite all this, there remains a large degree of uncertainty about exactly how the final rule will affect financial professionals. 

After the presidential election, the future of the rule seems to be even muddier. Nevertheless, the industry has been bracing for a change that will shift how many operate.

People in our industry appear to be of the same mindset:  First, they believe the DOL rule will be implemented in some form. Second, they believe that even if the DOL rule is killed, the enhancements to transparency and fiduciary responsibility are becoming the new normal. Firms are changing procedures, training staff, and updating technology – all to fall in line with the proposed rule. In the very near future, those without these improvements will be at a competitive disadvantage with clients and compliance officers.

We don’t need to get into the specific procedures DOL is proposing, but it is important to note that the underlying message of the DOL rule is that clients need more transparency and advisors need to adhere to a higher fiduciary standard. DOL is changing what will be expected for all financial professionals when it comes time for an audit or lawsuit – and that’s the kicker. Advisors will have to maintain records that show they acted at all times in a fiduciary capacity.

So what is an advisor to do?  We at Grendel recommend a simple process:

    1. Have a procedure for doing the right thing (product review, client review, act in client’s interests, etc.)

    2. Do the right thing

    3. Prove the above

These steps seem laughably oversimplified. But in a way, it is that easy. Experts and industry publications point to industry CRMs as a must for proper tracking of your actions. A good CRM will allow you to create procedures, follow procedures, and prove that you did so. And it’s that last point – proving your case – that is most important. 

Discuss DOL with your CRM provider. Ask what actions you can take to protect yourself. Ask how the CRM can protect you. Be sure you understand how the CRM can prove what you’ve done. Ask what can be done during an audit. Your technology is critical – more so now than ever. Be sure the platform you’re using has your back.

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