Resource Spotlight: Ndex® Systems

You’re not alone! In this article written for the Advisor Advocate, wealth management technology firm Ndex® Systems discusses a potential solution to a basic challenge faced by financial advisors who seek to grow their businesses.

Wealth managers, advisors and RIAs all face the same dilemma throughout their careers: how to deliver high-value service to their clients while continuing to grow their business. The issue is finding an efficient and accessible advisor software solution that achieves both goals without sacrificing one or the other.

Building a solid CRM database and combining it with an accurate account-management system might seem next to impossible. There is a constant need for robust reporting tools, comprehensive portfolio management aids, and a way to deliver high-value service to clients, all bundled into one. In many cases, professionals are juggling multiple systems/software to fill the needs of portfolio management and business management simultaneously. As a result, advisors might find themselves frustrated by time-consuming tasks, rising costs, and even compliance concerns because of the danger of overlooking deviations from stated account and client objectives.

Fortunately, the wealth management industry is evolving to meet the challenge. Single-access multi-data wealth management and tax preparatory platforms are available. Here are some of the software features advisors should look for:

  • Reconciliation of information from any source, whether it be custodial feed, website extraction, statement upload or manual entry
  • Ease in aggregating asset management, comprehensive reporting, and precise reconciliation functionality
  • Integrated account management (CRM, trading, billing, performance reporting, benchmarking, composite, modeling and workflow tools)

The Ndex® Solutions F-Engine Platform

The Ndex® Solutions F-Engine platform uses a “hub and spoke” development model based on proprietary-developed technology. The F-Engine is designed to deliver accurate data aggregation and consolidation of information across all access points, eliminating the need to administer multiple systems.

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To learn more about the Ndex® Systems wealth management and accounting platform solution, you are invited to join the webinar*: “Ndex®: A Complete Overview” on Tuesday, Dec. 20 at 4 p.m. ET.


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