ActiFi Webinar Series: “Enhance Your Client Service Model”

ActiFi’s webinar series earlier this year on building and managing a business development process generated positive reviews from the advisors who attended. A clear majority of advisors who responded to surveys at the conclusion of webinars found the sessions to be “valuable” or “extremely valuable.” Now ActiFi is offering a new 4-part webinar series, “Enhance Your Client Service Model,” to help you develop a systematic approach to your client service delivery.

ActiFi’s webinar approach is designed with the individual advisor in mind. Each of the webinars in the series will introduce you to exercises that are based on input you provide about your unique business needs. And at the end of each webinar, you'll know the next steps that can help you deliver a consistent, high-quality client experience. Your individual plan will include practical steps to help you track progress and execute your strategies and objectives.

Webinar topics for the “Enhance Your Client Service Model” webinar series are as follows (each webinar begins at 4:15 p.m. ET):

December 13: “Define Your Differentiation”-Before you craft a business plan, it's imperative that you understand who you are, what you and your company stands for, and where you'd like to go. Only then can you determine how you're going to get there. Having a true understanding of your mission and a vision for your future allows you to craft plans and programs that are focused, goal-oriented, with defined steps that will allow you to achieve your objectives.

January 10: “Create a Client Service Model Diagram”-Defining and documenting your client service model allows you to articulate your value proposition for clients, prospects and centers of influence. It demonstrates what you do for clients behind the scenes in ways that can help your clients feel more comfortable with the relationship they have with your firm and with the fees they are paying. It can also help them become more effective referral sources on your behalf.

February 14: “Document Critical Processes”-Every activity in your client service model should have a documented process that supports it. Documented processes allow you to properly set expectations for your clients and your team, and help you to scale your business, managing human resources effectively and creating room for growth. Processes allow you to be more proactive in how you run your business.

March 14: “Maximize Your Time”- Learn some time management skills that can help you be more proactive and serve your clients better. Learn how to assess the readiness of your team so you can make sure the right people are doing the right things.

Martha Blenkush, the presenter for each of the webinars, is a veteran communicator. She works with both individual advisors and institutional partners at ActiFi, helping to define strategic goals, formulate plans and tasks to accomplish those goals, then see them through to completion. She has built her coaching and project manager credentials over 30 years in the financial industry. Her professional experience includes marketing, career coaching, communications, public speaking, event planning and financial analysis in banking, legal, marketing, non-profits and education.

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